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Welcome to Whole Children!

Whole Children offers programs and classes for children from toddler through teens with a range of abilities. The goal of our programs is to meet each child at their skill level in the most appropriate environment for that child.

To that end we offer classes, small group lessons, and team and outdoor sports. Our classes incorporate social skills training and practice. The emphasis in all classes is on finding and celebrating children’s individual strengths, having fun, and making and sustaining friendships.

If you’re new to Whole Children, please see our video below to see us in action!


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Whole Children and Five College Realtors present The Sprout Film Festival!

Sunday, Feb. 28, 4-6 pm, in Converse Hall at Amherst College.

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Our Programs
Younger Folk
School Age
Performing Arts

Get in on the act! We have a growing performing arts program at Whole Children where all kids take center stage.

The Joyful Chorus is for singers of all ages and abilities. We have several public performances in each session. “The results were electric for both the singers and their captivated audience,” wrote one audience member in a letter to the editor in praise of a recent performance. For a look behind the scenes, check out this video.

The Friendship Band is a garage band for teens and adults with and without disabilities. No particular skills are required, but a love of music, noise and friendship is! We practice weekly with the goal of having a performance at the end of the session. Watch us in action here!

Our acting studio has performed two shows in the past year — all to sold-out houses at Smith College.

Our dancing troupe has performed with the theater group in all of their performances — adding a rocking tone to all of our shows!

All of our classes incorporate teaching and practice of social skills, helping students learn to work in a group and make friends. We also have classes specifically aimed at improving social skills — language, behavior, and group dynamics.

Some of the classes are specific social groups, others incorporate explicit teaching into a class on a different subject. If you have questions about any of these classes, check with our Social Skills therapist, Meghan Carroll.

Social Skills

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