Administrative Staff

Carrie McGee, MHA

Director, Whole Children, Milestones, and Whole Selves

For the past twenty-two years, Carrie has been a leader and a visionary in founding and developing Whole Children and its spin-off programs, Milestones and Whole Selves. Along with a team of fearless parents and skilled, innovative professionals, this group has created resources, community and opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to thrive.  

Chris Harper

Program Manager, Milestones Day

Chris Harper is the Milestones Day Program manager as well as a teacher in some Whole Children classes. She has been with Whole Children for over ten years. When she’s not playing with The Friendship Band she can be found riding her bike or in the garden. “I love working at Whole Children for so many reasons but the staff and students are definitely at the top of the list!”

Liana Marks

Liana Marks

Program Manager, Whole Children

Liana Marks is the Whole Children program manager but has been a Recreation Specialist with Whole Children and Milestones since 2015. She has taught many different classes over the years from Cooking, Art, Boundaries and Relationships and more. “I feel so lucky to be working at a place that helps others build friendships, relationships and community. The amazing students and staff are what make this place so unique and special. When you walk in, you’ll feel it!” 

Valle Dwight

Director of Development and Communications

Valle has been a part of Whole Children since 2004 as a parent and volunteer and joined Pathlight in 2011. She is a long-time reporter, writer and editor and is passionate about Pathlight and Whole Children’s mission to ensure that people with disabilities take their rightful place in the community.


Tracy Romeo

Business Manager, Whole Selves

Since 2016, Tracy Romeo has been managing our Whole Selves website, products, and community. If you are looking for support for your child or yourself, have questions about how Whole Selves can help you, need resources, or something else, Tracy will be able to help you find what you need. With more that 35 years of experience providing high-level support to a variety of executive leaders, Tracy is a master at helping people find the support and resources they are looking for.

Amy Baker Headshot

Amy Baker

Administrative Staff, ICC

Amy (she/her) is an artist, writer, former teacher, and current grad student. She loves creating, cats, trees, the moon, glitter, red, Gaeilge, and friends. She creates books, poems, and music, as well as being a cupcake whisperer of some renown.

Heidi Nehring Headshot

Heidi Nehring

Administrative Staff, ICC

Heidi (she/her) is a loving mom who is dedicated to supporting her children and their sports events and practices. She also helps care for her brother with cerebral palsy. Their family has a cat and recently adopted a new puppy.