Creative Writing Class Story: A story of multiple weddings, a robot limo driver, and a brown horse named Orange

Our Creative Writing class has been hard at work since September and we are happy to share the beginnings of our story.  In the fall, we put our heads together to brainstorm the plot, characters and setting. Over the winter session, we’ve been working to write the first act line-by-line. Chapter One is split into […]

Alice in Theaterland

If you had to use just one word to describe 14-year-old Alice, you’d have to go with theatrical. Ask her what she enjoys and she will tell you two things: performing and makeup. She loves musicals, from West Side Story to Oklahoma to Singing in the Rain, and has danced in countless local ballet performances, including […]

Cammie McGovern: Samuel Minot Jones Award for Literary Achievement

Carrie McGee’s introduction to Cammie McGovern, winner of Samuel Minot Jones Award for Literary Achievement (SAMMY) on  May 2, 2017 atAmherst College. Cammie and I were introduced to one another by a fellow parent when our children were in Amherst’s integrated preschool together.  We found ourselves cast into the world of disability, where information was […]