Our Creative Writing class has been hard at work since September and we are happy to share the beginnings of our story.  In the fall, we put our heads together to brainstorm the plot, characters and setting. Over the winter session, we’ve been working to write the first act line-by-line.
Chapter One is split into two parts, told from two perspectives. The first half is narrated by Collin, one of the main characters. In Part Two, we switch to the point-of-view of our villain, the nefarious (or perhaps  misunderstood?) Abigail. The story truly is a mash-up of many different ideas and genres. In the first chapter alone there are two weddings, a robot limo driver, a horse theft and more…

Our student authors are Matt Boynton, Peter Sealy, Molly Cizlewski, Emily Burke and Brittany Kergaravat.

Part One: Collin

One day we were at the beach. It was a warm, nice day. It felt good to feel the sun. We were having a picnic and we were relaxing eating fruit, chips, sandwiches and potato salad. My friends Annie and Molly had invited me to have lunch with them and Annie’s friend Paris came, too.

I had been friends with Annie and Molly since second Grade, and we had stayed in touch through the years. That day it was actually a special occasion! It had been 15 years since we graduated high school. And something else was special about today, too…but I couldn’t quite remember what….

“What’s new with you?” I asked my friends as we got our food set up on the blanket.

“Well, I’m on vacation from work right now,” said Annie,  “I don’t get a lot of time off.”

Annie worked at Baystate Hospital as a midwife, delivering babies. After school, when she got the job, I was so proud of her! Annie always wanted to help people.

“Paris, I heard you work at Baystate, too?” asked Molly.

“Oh I haven’t started yet. I haven’t even done my interview…but I was working as a nurse for three years in France.”

“Oh well, welcome!” said Molly, “You know, I’ve always wanted to visit France.”

Just then, a car pulled up right onto the sand next to our blanket. Not just any car, a stretch limo! They stepped out of the limo—a woman in a wedding dress and my cousin Robert. The sun was shining off Robert’s silver, metal skin.

“Oh hey Robert!” I yelled to my cousin, “I was just thinking about you! Would you like to be the best man at my wedding?”

“Oh! I didn’t know you were getting married, too!”  said Robert, “Man, it seems like everyone is right now! In fact, I’m driving Kimberly to her wedding!”

Kimberly Holton was a painter who lived in town and one of Molly’s best friends. When I saw her in her dress, I just got too excited. I couldn’t help but think of Molly and how we were engaged.

Honestly, I had forgotten Kimberly’s wedding was today. Robert was here to pick us all up. I also had forgotten our friends didn’t know we were getting married.

Molly turned to Paris and Annie, “Well, the cat is out of the bag now! But, it’s true! Collin and I are engaged! Would you both like to be my bridesmaids?”


Part Two: Abigail

Molly walks her down the aisle. Lots of people are smiling and taking pictures. If only that was me! But, I’m stuck in jail. I’m trapped in my cell, watching through the window.

From a distance, I can see Maggie Smith and John Proctor. They’re going up to Collin and Molly. Maggie smiles big and says “Congratulations, you guys look beautiful.”

I’ll never get to have a wedding. I’ll never get to look beautiful in a wedding dress. They are going to hang me tomorrow, just for stealing a horse!

Since I was a kid I had always wanted to ride a horse but never had one of my own. So, one day, I snuck up to John’s farm while he was on his lunch break. And, I hopped up on Orange. She was always my favorite horse of John’s, a five-year-old brown mare. And Orange had always liked me, too….