So many incredible people participated in the 3rd Annual Wild Goose Chase on May 21, 2017 in Look Park. Before the big day, we highlighted a few of the fabulous chasers getting ready to walk, run and roll at the Wild Goose Chase.

Meet Whole Children parent and Board Member Eric Aasheim! He is participating in the race with team Dirty Martini.

What inspired your fundraising team name?

Team Dirty Martini is the name of our cycling team. If we can drink martinis and stay upright on our bikes as we ride 500 miles across Iowa, we should be able to make it through a 5k.

This isn’t your first Wild Goose Chase. What is one of your favorite memories from the past two?

My favorite memory from both years was helping to organize and watch the kids’ races. Watching kids of all ages and abilities run their hearts out and being cheered on by their parents, siblings and friends is hard to beat.

Why are you fundraising for Whole Children?

No organization I know of makes a bigger impact on the lives of the people it serves than Whole Children. It’s transformational and it is a privilege to fundraise in support of an amazing organization like Whole Children.

If you could choose a theme song for your team, what would it be and why?

“Gin and Juice” (The Gourds version, not the Snoop Dogg one) is our unofficial team song when we ride. At least it’s what we always play on the juke box when we make our dive bar pit stops. But we also like “Beautiful Day” by U2, which is much more family-friendly.

What are you looking forward to at this year’s race?

I look forward to seeing how many more people come out this year than in the last two years. I think the Wild Goose Chase is ready to bust out. I always look forward to seeing my athletes from the Special Olympics Track & Field team I coach. Of course, I make them come but I still enjoy seeing them. And I love seeing the youngest ones having a blast at the carnival.

We’re also looking forward to the race, Eric!

See how the Wild Goose Chase went for Eric

Wild Goose Chase 2017

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