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I tell parents all the time about how great Whole Children is about creating a space where everyone belongs…even my neurotypical kids loved going. [My son with special needs] is very proud he could take Kung fu. He tried a Kung fu class [at another program], and at first the instructors did not understand him and it was a bit harsh. He didn’t wanna tell them what his needs were. Eventually they figured it out, but he just didn’t have the same level of confidence afterwards because they either treated him too harshly or they treated him too leniently, and he never felt like he was just a ”normal” kid which is what he always wants. He really loved taking classes at Whole Children because it helped him to build up his confidence.

Nancy S


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Your donation to Whole Children goes toward helping us provide affordable classes with very low teacher to student ratios and with the kinds of environmental supports required to provide a successful environment to children with a wide variety of different needs.

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About Whole Children

Whole Children provides recreational, social and enrichment programs for children and teens of all abilities, including those with special needs. We provide valuable resources for their families and facilitate inclusion with the larger community.

All of our classes have built-in skill-building components, whether it’s teaching the finer points of basketball, how to navigate the playground, or how to talk to friends.

We are a social/recreation center that welcomes families and students of all abilities, philosophies, and cultures. We are not a therapeutic program and we do not adhere to any one system or approach to teaching, running groups, or working with students. Whole Children is a community of families who are walking a similar path and who are happy to share the experience!

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