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Yesterday, Milestones took a trip to Cold Spring Orchard in Belchertown, MA. When we got there we had a picnic lunch outside, then we started our tour.  The tour started in a classroom where we learned about all the different kinds of apples and how they grow them. We also learned how they can tell when apples are ripe, it was very cool! Next we went for a walk through the orchard. We saw all the different kinds of trees. Some were very small and some were very big! After the walking tour we each got our own bag and got to pick Macintosh apples. It was a lot of fun! We also got to try fresh apple cider, which we all enjoyed. Some of of favorite parts of the day were learning about different kinds of apples, picking our own, and seeing the giant refrigerator they keep their apples in. We had a great day and are looking forward to making applesauce with apples we picked!