Planting a garden- part 2

photo by Wyatt

At the IRS house we planted flowers, we weeded the garden, we swept the pathway, and we took pictures

sarah and ben

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  1. Depends on where you live and soil conditions plus wthheer your ground freezes. Check with your local County Extension or a garden nursery to find out what zone you live in. Your time to plant will be determined by the zone. What you plant should be chosen according to your zone also. Most often bulbs are a good bet if the ground is frozen yet.

  2. look at the cutie pie out in the yard! how did the planting go? i’ve gotta get sanya back in the dirt to rpealnt ours, since i killed all of our seedlings before her b~day party. no green thumbs here unfortunately, but thankfully they put so many seeds in the packs. so try,try again we

  3. I am so glad you did this. I want to do this with my grandsons to teach them about gadrening. I am having a garden outside but I want them to have a “garden of their own” to take care of. What a wonderful idea. This will teach them to take care of the earth and how to be green.

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