By Carrie McGee

Yesterday was an amazing day here.  First I went to a center that was so much like Whole Children.  It was started by a mother – who sold her house in two days to come up with the money – and then lived with her family in the center.  Her staff volunteer if she can’t pay them – which has been the case for the last two years.  The kids were amazing. At one point I just left the tour and stayed with the kids.

And there was this moment at the end when this women just hugged me and we were both crying — couldn’t speak a word to one another, but utterly understood that we had the same story.


Alex’s visit with the contingent from Azerbaijan continues to inspire.

Then, in the afternoon I attended a press conference where each person who came to the US showed what they learned and then what they did with it.  One person after another talked about how they saw that it’s not enough to have people sitting in a chair with one person working with them, and as a result of what they saw, they got the kids moving and interacting with one another.  They’re already seeing the secondary changes happening in the kids – that they are coming alive, speaking and engaging now.  One woman said, “We kept telling ourselves, if Alex and his Mom can do it, we can too.”

They now have a program that wasn’t there before, and she went through photo of kid after kid  – they were afraid to leave their house, their parents didn’t want them to participate at first, they were depressed – and then there were photos of them playing and laughing.

I am half way around the world and hearing from person after person that the tiny seed of a few people spending a couple hours with us at Whole Children is being planted over and over again. We’re so lucky to have the children we have, to have one another in the work we do, to live where we do, and now, to be part of something so much bigger than us.