Spreading the seeds of the Whole Children love

By Carrie McGee

Yesterday was an amazing day here.  First I went to a center that was so much like Whole Children.  It was started by a mother – who sold her house in two days to come up with the money – and then lived with her family in the center.  Her staff volunteer if she can’t pay them – which has been the case for the last two years.  The kids were amazing. At one point I just left the tour and stayed with the kids.

And there was this moment at the end when this women just hugged me and we were both crying — couldn’t speak a word to one another, but utterly understood that we had the same story.

Alex’s visit with the contingent from Azerbaijan continues to inspire.

Then, in the afternoon I attended a press conference where each person who came to the US showed what they learned and then what they did with it.  One person after another talked about how they saw that it’s not enough to have people sitting in a chair with one person working with them, and as a result of what they saw, they got the kids moving and interacting with one another.  They’re already seeing the secondary changes happening in the kids – that they are coming alive, speaking and engaging now.  One woman said, “We kept telling ourselves, if Alex and his Mom can do it, we can too.”

They now have a program that wasn’t there before, and she went through photo of kid after kid  – they were afraid to leave their house, their parents didn’t want them to participate at first, they were depressed – and then there were photos of them playing and laughing.

I am half way around the world and hearing from person after person that the tiny seed of a few people spending a couple hours with us at Whole Children is being planted over and over again. We’re so lucky to have the children we have, to have one another in the work we do, to live where we do, and now, to be part of something so much bigger than us.

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  1. immensely smiling,..those starter-seeds come from way hardy stock…keep on planting!! LOVE.

  2. I saw this story on CNN this morning,
    I grew up with a pretty similar challenge. Speech therapy, Separated and singled out, I could not understand why, now 35 years old,I finally got diagnosed with ADHD, DYSLEXIA, MEMORY IMPAIRED,MATH,SPACE AND TIME ,all this impaired and I know how hard it feels to try your best & that not be enough. Its no wonder some you get anxiety. Thanks to an amazing counselor in high school I did not give up and got my diploma! Yes Im deeply saddened when I see people judge what they don’t understand it just breaks my heart. = chances 2 ALL PLS

  3. My view on Inteligence

    If a child or adult can build something with the picture verses the instructions are they less intelligent than the one who needs the instructions? I dont think so.
    If IQ test are based on how well you take a test its not suited for the visual learners.

    Strengthen what you dont have and build on what you do have, that should be what we teach in Education.

    Ive heard the story of “Give a Man a fish & he will eat for a day, or give him a fishing pole and he will not need you to feed him” story.

    This is true but we were all not meant to be fisherman. Shallow thoughts bring about shallow experiences.

    Teach us what our gifts are and how to develop them and yes even how to overcome our challenges to better understand how to strengthen what we dont have and we all might have an equal chance in this life.

    = Balance =
    Some people are stuck in the ABC’S they will never get to Z, I mean SEE!!!

    Yaritza Aragones

    I don’t need to focus on the name of any condition/ limitation or know all the bad things about it.

    I simply just should understand the ” who I am ” & who Im not in the making of a better version of my self.

    We are all wired differently yes, but to be great one must balance there thoughts & to do such a thing we need to quite the NOISE.

    Anxiety simply comes from not doing what you really want to do.

    What you should do and can do are two different things. Not that one can’t do something but more that there’s a time when you should & shouldn’t.

    Know your challenges and strengths but by all means possible avoid the NOISE!

    Noise for me is simply a negative environment that delays you from your true self/purpose in life.
    False beliefs that stunt your growth to be uniquely great.

    When I come across rude egocentric ,self centered individuals I think to myself , Im still Yari, positive & perfectly imperfect like the stars that have no set pattern, that’s because we were all created by the same creator. Who am I to insult or judge him.
    If you choose to not believe in something at least believe you are loved, sustained,created by love and for love.

    I might be challenged in some things, my condition might have a scientific name, it’s called a learning disability but I found a cure for mine, it’s called COMPASSION!!!

    Some people are just A.. Holes, I feel more sorry for.

    I might have a learning disability but
    in the end we all have conditions, there called false belifes.

    Just like money is power so is knowledge not all know how to manage. Love is one of the most powerful gifts one too should value & appreciate.

    I thank my creator everyday for the wisdom & lessons he shares with me & every day I also pray I may understand and upgrade who I am.
    Im in no competition with no one but more of an encourager of self. Patience,love,and understanding but most of all COMPASSION.
    Its not about being nieve it’s more about keeping your innocence.

    Yaritza Aragones


    Never confuse innocent hearts with nievenes, you might hurt them and run the risk of making them as gullible as your assumption.

    Simply encourage to maintain the innocence in this world 4 a better tomorrow.

    Like puzzle pieces to a huge master piece, we just need to know where we belong.
    Yaritza Aragones

  6. Look In & look up…

    Sometimes we just need to look up.
    Away from our phones, away from the noise!

    For the illusions of the mind, your heart may go blind.

    In your truth rely, & say your goodbyes, to all the lies your mind your heart just can’t buy.

    Don’t sell your self short, you know your self worth.

    So, say your goodbyes , your heart will reply.
    Just let go to all that no longer serves , what you know you deserve!

    Yaritza Aragones

  7. I’m rutting 4 All of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    prove the ones that said you can’t wrong,but mostly,prove yourselves right,it’s a fight worth the fight. Kids are the future.

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