Teaching Staff

Kevin Cox

Kevin Cox has been happily working here for more than five years. He runs the Minecraft classes, helps in Smash Brothers and Animal Crossing, and is assisting in Dungeons and Dragons as a dwarf that sounds like a Scottish pirate. He is exceptionally grateful to have the online community to interact with, as it keeps him sane… relatively speaking. “The one time I want to find a pun, I find none.  Maybe a pun about a nun?  No, nun of the above.”

Chris Harper

Chris Harper is the Milestones Day Program manager as well as a teacher in some Whole Children classes. She has been with Whole Children for over ten years. When she’s not playing with The Friendship Band she can be found riding her bike or in the garden. “I love working at Whole Children for so many reasons but the staff and students are definitely at the top of the list!”

Eddy Hougen

Eddy Hougen has worked as Recreation Specialist at Milestones and Whole Children for more than four years. Eddy has loved all the variety of life skills and enrichment classes he has been part of, such as Self-Advocacy, Music, Theater, Photography, and Dance Movement Therapy. Eddy plays bass and sings with The Friendship Band (Whole Children’s gigging rock band), and deeply appreciates all opportunities for participants of Milestones and Whole Children to interact and make connections with the greater community. Eddy lives with his wife Sarah, a physical therapist, and two daughters, in Florence, MA.

Nancy Janoson

“I started at Whole Children in 2010 as a volunteer, helping with the chorus formed to participate in the Dan Zanes concert. There was no music in the Whole Children schedule after the concert, so I suggested starting the Joyful Chorus. In the chorus, we accept all voices, we rejoice in each other, and our rehearsals are as uplifting as our concerts. We have performed in many venues in the Western Mass area. And with our wonderful assistant teachers from the staff of Pathlight as well as volunteers from local colleges and the community, we have a great team that allows each chorus member to get the assistance needed. I am a professional musician and receive many accolades in my work. None of it compares to the joy I get being founder, director, and part of the Joyful Chorus.”

Liana Marks

Liana Marks

Liana Marks is the Whole Children program manager but has been a Recreation Specialist with Whole Children and Milestones since 2015. She has taught many different classes over the years from Cooking, Art, Boundaries and Relationships and more. “I feel so lucky to be working at a place that helps others build friendships, relationships and community. The amazing students and staff are what make this place so unique and special. When you walk in, you’ll feel it!” 

Brian Melanson

“I’m Brian! I started volunteering at Whole Children more than ten years ago and my love for this amazing community grows bigger every day. You’ll find me jamming on guitar with the Friendship Band, growing and learning in Men’s Group, and helping students discover who they are in our many wonderful Whole Selves classes. I love Whole Children!”

Jenna Perna-Elias

Jenna Perna-Elias, Recreation Specialist, has been working at Milestones for over three years. Online, she currently teaches Self-Advocacy and Science Experiments. “I feel very lucky to be able to stay connected with students over Zoom. Seeing everyone on there makes my day!”

Liam Regan

Liam joined Milestones and Whole Children in fall of 2022. He works primarily in the Milestones Day program but also assists in Whole Children/Milestones classes such as Boundaries & Relationships; Legos, Trains and More; Anime Club; Cooking; and more. He loves being a part of the Whole Children and Milestones family!

Amanda Robare

Amanda, Teacher and Program Assistant II, has been teaching at Whole Children and Milestones for more than four years. She has been involved in a variety of classes from Boundaries and Relationships, Civics, Superhero Club, Harry Potter Club, Cooking and Theater, among other fun things. “There really is no place like Whole Children. I feel so lucky to be apart of this wonderful community of students, staff, and family. Even from a distance, the students make working here feel special and exciting!”

Evan Sabourin

Evan started working for Whole Children in 2019. He is currently a teacher and program assistant for Whole Children and the Milestones program. He helps manage the Whole Children Discord community as well as teaches many of the online classes. When not online you can find him helping out or teaching at the ICC. “I count myself lucky to be a part of such an amazing community. Being able to work with such wonderful students and staff is truly a joy!”

Nick Vogt

Nick Vogt has been a Recreation Specialist at Milestones and Whole Children since July 2019. He is one of the Dungeon Masters for the Whole Children D&D class, and leads the Dance Movement class. Nick makes appearances helping out in a handful of other classes including Theater and Boundaries & Relationships.