As usual, our theater students are working hard while having FUN! Being absent from the ICC has not stopped Theater Director, Matt Meers and his students from performing their hearts out. Although Zoom is a completely new environment to act in, the students have transitioned and haven’t missed a beat. They are currently working on a show called Comedy Tonight named after a song from the show A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. The idea for this performance is that everyone is playing characters they have in the past but now they are all on a Zoom talk show. How creative! The class has been working hard on their timing and cues over Zoom (especially learning how to not talk over each other on Zoom which we all know is difficult). Co-teacher Nick Vogt exclaims, “We’re also going to record our show this year and piece it together from different Zoom classes we have recorded. So, there has been a lot of practicing around being on camera and acting on film vs. acting on stage.” Nick also explained how the energy is just as high on Zoom as it is in person and everyone is just happy to be a part of the show! Every year, we look forward to the Theater program and what they have in store for us. It never disappoints and it looks like this year, we are in for a real treat!