Confidentiality Policy

To respect the privacy and dignity of all people, it is the policy of Whole Children to maintain confidentiality regarding personal information about the families we serve, our staff, and our volunteers.


1. Pertinent information will be gathered from parents wishing to register their child.

2. That information will be recorded on appropriate forms that will be kept by Whole Children in a secure location.

3. Only the appropriate staff and teachers will have access to the information they need to adequately provide services to students.

4. All staff and teachers, upon hire, will be informed of Whole Children’s Confidentiality Policy, and required to sign a statement of confidentiality, agreeing to abide by the organization’s rules regarding personal information.

5. No staff, contractor, student or volunteer will offer any identifying information about any of the families served to others unless written permission from the family has been obtained. This includes any social media or other online outlets.

6. At all times, all instructors, volunteers and participating families will respect the dignity and privacy of all other families.

7. If any staff member or volunteer witnesses a breach of confidentiality, the offending person should be approached at an appropriate time and in a respectful manner, and reminded of Whole Children’s policy.

8. A breach of confidentiality may constitute grounds for dismissal from Whole Children; each instance of a breach of confidentiality will be assesses based upon the nature and extent of the breach, on a case by case basis, by the director of Whole Children.